New Life Car Club’s 2017 Pre-Valentine’s Dance

A Gathering of Power, Peace & Love

They say “all is fair in love and war.” And although we all love the sport of lowriding, the rights to who owns the boulevard have always been a war. In the ’70s and ’80s you would have been called crazy if you thought you could get members from Klique, Groupe, New Life, or Imperials all in the same room. For decades, they battled for dominance of Whittier Boulevard, and although the battles typically pertained to who had the best candy paint or who had the lowest cars, these battles sometimes became more “hands on.”

The stories of Whittier’s glory days have gone onto become embellished, tall tales we tell the new generation of lowriders, and so have the stories of the infamous car club wars. Today, we came across the highly anticipated Valentine’s Day Dance, hosted by New Life Car Club, where we found those same clubs now standing shoulder to shoulder retelling those same tales.

Then again, what better way to do so?

Against a backdrop of live music and flowing spirits, many of L.A.’s top car clubs came to celebrate this day of love. Old Memories, Originals, Bomb Club, and Techniques were just a few in attendance; but this time around there was no battle for turf. Instead they could be seen enjoying a lavish dinner while others were on the dance floor boogying to classic tunes.

To see these clubs sharing the same space and trading stories is one for the history books. It was a night of highly active festivities. And although their rivalries are as strong as ever, it became clearly evident that their love for lowriding superseded all.