On October 15, 2016, Groupe Car Club gathered to celebrate the 45th anniversary of their East Los Angeles chapter—the founding chapter of the club. Wanting to create an uplifting experience, their venue of choice became the iconic Pomona Valley Mining Company, a local favorite that offered guests an incredible view of the Inland Empire.

groupe car club 45th anniversary riverside award

As all the chapters converged, smiles and hugs were exchanged and positive vibes filled the room. Of course, the first order of importance was to have all the different chapters hang their banners on the wall and from there it was full tilt. The atmosphere was proper, and the company of great lowriders made all the difference in the world. In addition, it was good to see that one of our former Roll Models guests, Steve Mott, was not only the organizer of the festivities, but also the evening’s host.

Inside, they had a few tables with old memorabilia from the club and it included magazine features, old photos, and even a painted club paddle. A projector was casting throwbacks in time and as old images popped up, it brought back memories and created a room full of laughter and conversation.

groupe car club 45th anniversary founder

After dinner, Mott took center stage and gave a memorable speech before handing out awards. Just a moment later, old-school member Danny Boy went up and awarded a few of his members while also giving an interesting speech. Last but not least, the founder of Groupe Car Club went up and told the attendees that he would like the club to do more, specifically, more for their community. It was a powerful speech that ended in applause, and with that I tip my hat as well. In addition, on behalf of LOWRIDER we’d like to congratulate the club for celebrating 45 years of passion—a passing that has created many memorable and monumental covers over here at LOWRIDER.