Very few business owners are able to properly capture the vibe of the Chicano cultural revival. Even fewer can hit almost every iconic mark. Enter Salud! By The San Diego Taco Company.

From the moment you walk through the doors of this Barrio Logan eatery you get the feeling you’re being welcomed into your homie’s house. The music bumping through the joint, ranging from Selena to old school and modern hip-hop, every inch of wall space dedicated to local Chicano artists with paintings that pay tribute to the colorful culture, vintage community event posters, candy-painted and pinstriped car hood and fender, and even a velvet Elvis painting—the last, a personal favorite icon of Salud! owner, Ernie Becerra.

A former banker, Becerra turned his cooking hobby into a booming business committed to elevating Chicano cultural gems alongside creative “taquero-style” tacos, street corn, classic pozole, and innovative Mexican cocktails. The staff is hired from within the community and add to the “boogie” vibe, jamming to the overhead music as they deliver your food to your table. The smell of the sizzling grill travels to the patrons forming the line out the door and around the corner. Salud! has quickly become a spearhead in the uprising revival of San Diego’s Barrio Logan. And even though Becerra continues to build up eateries in multiple locations, this Salud! stands apart as a pillar of Chicano culture amidst events like La Vuelta Car Cruise and Chicano Park Day.