In this months Shop Talk, we took the artistic route by paying a visit to One of the fastest growing companies in the artistic apparel community, the company has a 10,000 square-foot headquarters to support its online store. OG Abel, as many of us know him by, is one of Southern Californias most successful and revered artists. His graffiti background and old-school ethos has transcended the walls he once painted on as a youth.

With those walls came adversity, as OG Abel grew up in the rough part of South Central Los Angeles. An area infested with crime, gangs and violence, the constant serenade of sirens, gunshots, and police helicopters were a permanent ambiance to his young life. Far from an aspiring artist’s haven, South Central is a place where most kids arm themselves at an early age for survival. For Abel, art became his refuge, and his weapon of choice was not a gun or a knife, but a spray paint can instead. Street painting became an escape from all the hardships that surrounded him throughout the rough patches of his youth. To this day, Abel credits it with helping him to avoid the gang lifestyle altogether –preventing him from becoming yet another victim of the streets of Los Angeles.

“I once knew a kid so talented and full of life. His life was cut short at the age of 15; that same kid lives in me now” – OG Abel

Fast-forward to 2012, Abels unique style is sought out by many enthusiasts and collectors, spawning a host of copycat designs that have been mimicked by several clothing brands. The OG Abel brand itself has become a worldwide phenomenon, with orders going to different countries including Europe, Brazil, Australia, China, Russia, and Columbia, to name a few. As an artist, Abel is able to stay ahead of the competition by creating new content while evolving his style. From hoodies to wallets, the OG Abel brand is more than just a t-shirt company; its a bonafide fashion brand that has a long future in the fashion world.

With that said; if you would like to purchase some OG Abel gear log onto: where you can get hooked up with some of the newest urban wear. When ordering, remember to mention that you saw OG Abel in the pages of Lowrider Magazine or on the Hollywood Walk Of Fame!!