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Brian Haworth R.I.P.Popular Bay Area Bike Builder Receives A Fitting Tribute At The Lowrider Super Show.Brian Haworth was just 24 years old when he passed away on May 31, 2007 due to cardiac arrest. Brian loved lowrider cars and bikes. He belonged to Luxurious Car Club of San Jose, California, and had built several show-winning bikes. Brian had a custom bike and trike with hydraulics, and had also built bikes for others. Brian performed all of the work on these bikes himself, including doing his own painting and pinstriping. He was also working on an ’83 Olds Cutlass.

Brian’s dream was to bring his bikes to the Las Vegas Super Show. Unfortunately, he didn’t make it, but his bikes did. Brian’s two- and three-wheel creations were on display at the most recent Super Show this past October. “My husband and I took the bikes and showed them for Brian,” says Brian’s mother, Linda Haworth. “It was very emotional.”

“He was very special and is missed a lot,” continues Mrs. Haworth. “Our lives will never be the same. Brian was a friend to many and would help anyone if they needed help.”

Platinum StatusTheir Buzz Is Sweeping Across The Nation From Their Hometown Of Houston.What keeps hip-hop fresh is its way of reinventing itself. As styles and cultures evolve, so does the music. It’s well known that any act coming out of the South is going to be compared to numerous platinum-selling artists. So when the Houston, Texas-based duo of Chris “Kartier” Williams and Eric “God’s Gift” Johnson came together to create music, they knew that they could not fall anywhere short of Platinum Status.

Gaining recognition, the group has not only proven that they have achieved Platinum Status, but also have crossover qualities. It’s this notoriety that has made Platinum Status sell out events from Los Angeles to Miami and all across the southern United States. From local radio exposure to a heavy street buzz, it’s obvious that Platinum Status will be the next super act to come out of the infamous “H-town” scene.

Growing up on the tough poverty stricken north side of Houston, Chris and Eric overcame the stereotypes and misfortunes of the ghetto to surpass their peers and create an uplifting momentum for themselves and the people around them. “We had to show our boys around us that there’s more to life than being a thug,” says Chris. It’s this mentality that separates Platinum Status from other clich hip-hop groups.

This mentality is evident from your first listen to the EP, The Moment of Truth. Young and ambitious, the Platinum Status boys have sturdy heads on their shoulders. They’re continuously working on their movement. Whether writing, recording or producing, they’re constantly pushing the envelope.

Doing this has caught the attention of DJ Whoo Kid, who agreed to host the duo’s mixtape after hearing their single, “Stuntin’ In My Whip.” “Young adults can relate to ‘Stuntin’ In My Whip’ because it’s a prideful song showing how young urban audiences deal with success,” says Eric. The second single off of the EP is “How G’s Ride,” an instant hit that appeals to every market because of its catchy sound and top 40 potential.

Ready to rattle the industry, Platinum Status is definitely on top of their game. Their crafty wordplay to hard-hitting club beats shows that they have a huge future. “We want people to feel our music and start to think outside of the box.”