Shoe Icons

Pony steps up and provides some shoes to be used as the "canvasses" for one-of-a-kind artistic statements.

Shoe culture has reached an all-time high and shoe aficionados around the world are always vying for the position of top dog. But what makes a shoe unique varies from limited number runs all the way to color ways that are hard to get. From Dunks to Pradas, the numbers usually work in opposite relation as the less they make the more they cost.

But shoe connoisseurs are going far beyond the corporate realm of waiting for these custom colors and designs. These days, collectors are taking the shoe game into their own hands and creating shoes that reflect their inner desire to display, flaunt and memorialize their thinking pattern.Thus is the case with the shoes that you see now. Each of these shoes were run off of base model Pony shoes. With a little bit of thinking and the collaboration of the right artists, we have created what are some of the hottest shoes on the market.

Each set of shoes were given to their accredited designer (see captions) along with some direction. We set off to create shoes that paid tribute to the male and female icons that we felt were deserving. Thanks to Pony Shoes for providing the actual canvasses. For more information visit

Each of the shoes displays art like never seen before and when it comes to bragging rights in the department of limited edition runs you’ll be sad to know that these are all just one-offs. Until next time, keep your minds sharp, the creativity flowing and let’s all bring art to that next level of insanity.