Tribal Streetwear

Bighouse Clothing

Some 15 years after their first start, Tribal Streetwear is still at the forefront of reppin’ the streets. With an international presence and a feel that’s defined underground culture in a big way, Tribal is a unique brand of worldwide combined creativity, contributions and talent.

Just as music has blurred the lines between hip-hop, rock and alternative, so has Tribal. With a heavy assortment of support from outside artists such as the Rock Steady Crew, Korn, P.O.D., Linkin Park, Limp Bizkit and Los Lobos, just to name a few, Tribal is literally a canvas of expression for different genres of art and music.

While Tribal sponsors various events, we at Lowrider Arte are pleased that their involvement in sharing with the community extends to the world of art; in particular graffiti art. It’s this type of support from businesses that not only pushes the envelope for the aspiring artists, but also gives us pride in knowing that they respect the streets that help earn them their dollar.

Here are some of Tribal’s latest designs as well as the shirts that you’ll probably see on a star near you! Check out to go Tribal today!

CrewestLocated in Alhambra, California, Crewest is your one-stop shop when it comes to anything from art shows, supplies, videos or just about anything else that you’ll need to satisfy your b-boy/graffiti artist lifestyle. The tiny shop packs a mean punch and on any given day you’ll find fellow enthusiasts either checking out supplies or discussing the pieces of art which are usually displayed all year long.

Of special interest to us was not only the unique books that Crewest carries on art, but also the shirts that they sell. Sporting graffiti-inspired and drawn T-shirts has always been on top of our list and now they’ve got ’em. We were particularly drawn to the L.A. shirt which was only $20! The shirt designs are made by Man One, the owner of Crewest, and Chaz Bojorquez. For more information and to view more of what Crewest has to offer pay them a visit or drop by their site at