We all know Tyrese Gibson for his sultry lyrics and sexy style. Well, now Tyrese is revealing a new side of himself which has never been revealed before. This new image has always been inside of Tyrese, but now he feels that it’s time to reveal his alter ego known as “Black Ty.”

Growing up in the tough streets of Watts, California, Tyrese was constantly surrounded by the negatively of the streets. Although he grew up in this environment, he was determined to separate himself from the stereotype that society perceives towards Black men. Tyrese decided to go above and beyond the norm, which led him to become a successful African American singer, actor, model and now MC.

Tyrese was constantly surrounded by the sounds of hip-hop music while growing up in Watts. He grew up listening to rap icons such as Ice Cube, Dr. Dre, Snoop Dogg and the legendary NWA. These rappers influenced Tyrese at an early age, which motivated him to become a part of a hip-hop group called Triple Impact. This group helped Tyrese establish his skills as a rapper. At the time, he didn’t pursue his career as an MC and focused more on the R&B side of the music industry. Tyrese concealed his rap talent within himself, until he felt comfortable enough to release his alter ego.

Alter Ego, which dropped this past December, is a double album with one disc being strictly R&B and the other revealing the skills of Black Ty. For this effort, Tyrese partnered up with some of the realest MCs in the game, such as The Game, Kurupt, Method Man, Lil’ Scrappy and Too Short, just to name a few. “These rappers decided to work with me because they heard my material and they respect me as an MC,” he says. “Not for what I did with ‘Sweet Lady.’ I’m very grateful for that.”

With Black Ty, Tyrese has definitely exposed a different side of himself to the entertainment industry as well as to his fans. He takes all that he puts his hands on very seriously, which is obviously displayed in his ongoing success. “I take my music very seriously and I work very hard in everything that I do,” he declares. “I feel that God has blessed me with so many talents that I figure why not display what God has blessed me with to the world? I’m a child of God so I want to make use of all of the gifts and talents that God has given me. I’m not inspired by women, cars, money or material things. I’m inspired by creativity and life. I don’t get comfortable with what I’m known as.”

Black Ty definitely has the work ethic, personality and, most importantly, the determination to become one of the next best MCs in the rap game. With his optimistic attitude and his long list of supporters, it looks as though Black Ty is undeniably here to stay.