Method Man – Street Beat

An Epidemic For Tha Streets

Method Man is portrayed to be one of the most dominant and creative members of the legendary Wu Tang Clan. With his humorous personality mixed with a laid-back attitude, he’s seen as a cat who’s “down for whateva.” His new album entitled 4:21 The Day After definitely reveals a different side of Method Man that has never yet been delivered.

The title of his LP album 4:21 stems from 4:20, which is the “national weed smoking” holiday. “I chose to name my album 4:21, the day after the national weed smoking holiday, because to me that day offers a moment of clarity for me,” said Meth. “This day allows me to clear my head and not give a f—,” he laughs.

Having said that, this album marks a new beginning to Method Man’s solo career in the hip-hop game. He speaks from the heart and holds nothing back. “In this album, I’m more aggressive. I spit hot fire.” With his breakthrough album, Meth had the opportunity to work with top producers such as RZA, Scott Storch and Erick Sermon, who together created the perfect therapy to Method Man’s chaotic life. These producers gave him the chance to take a pen and write down his true feelings about the rap industry, music critics, and the drama that he was also experiencing in his personal life.

With this album, Meth also collaborated with Raekwon (member of the Wu Tang Clan), Ginuwine, life-long friend ODB (R.I.P), and the songstress herself Lauryn Hill. “Say,” featuring Ms.Hill, is the first single off of the album. This track speaks the raw truth. He talks about critics and how they’re constantly slandering his name in the press. “This album was inspired by music reviewers who have the tendency to talk down about n—-s like me,” says Meth. “They try to murder my character instead of reviewing my album.” With the ruggedness of his lyrical rap and the emotion that Lauryn Hill delivers through her soulful voice, one is able to hear the hurt and betrayal that Method Man has undergone in the hip-hop game.

Therefore, the album 4:21 The Day After marks a new beginning to Method Man’s life, as well as a new door to his career. Through this album, he’s giving his fans the key to his hip-hop diary-the key to his life as a human being, and not just as a rap star.