The moment that the soundwaves created by the mixes of DJ Payback Garcia start to make your eardrums vibrate, your brain tells your body to relax and sink in the music while your head slowly moves to the beat. The music that Payback mixes has no boundaries and is untouchable, especially when the best of the best Latin hip-hop artists work together to make a mix CD like no other in the market.
DJ Payback Garcia’s latest release, Aztec Souls II, is a mix that will make the Aztec god of music and dance, Macuilxochitl, proud to have a son who can create such music. The music is colorless with no boundaries, and has people moving on the streets of Los Angeles, California, and Milwaukee, Wisconsin, as well as on the mean streets of “Tepito” (Mexico City).
DJ Payback Garcia has been sacrificing his competition for the past 16 years with his sharp scratches and has gotten the respect of the streets. Payback has also helped launch the careers of many artists, like the Marijuanos, and he’s also produced many underground albums with his familia Kinto Sol, where he teams up with his carnales Skribe and El Chivo to create one of the best, if not the best, all-Spanish spoken hip-hop collective.DJ Payback Garcia is an inspiration to all young hip-hop DJs, and he’s created his own loyal fanbase who follow his creations one scratch at a time. Check out Payback’s full line of mix CDs at or