Cruise Life Car Club – Lowrider Revival in New Orleans

Wiping away barriers

The Lowrider culture isn’t anything new to the Big Easy. What is new is its recent resurgence. At the forefront of the latest lowrider revival in New Orleans is the local car club Cruise Life. Within the last few years, they’ve set their mark on an automotive scene once dominated by racing and race cars.

The devastation that Hurricane Katrina left behind not only changed the countless lives of many, it also changed the city’s landscape forever. This city, like so many, was divided by landmarks and separated into areas that you either did or didn’t belong in. Fortunately, Katrina wiped all those barriers away. Soon the infamous “West End,” a local favorite cruising spot, began seeing a whole new collection of automotive enthusiasts emerge. Five of these car aficionados would eventually come together and create what we now know as Cruise Life Car Club.