Okay! For the past three weeks, we have been showing you Revell’s new Chevy SSR model kit “transformed” from a 1/25 scale replica of the real car into a Revell-ation Lowrider.” Saturday morning at 5:30 am we were up and spraying a clear coat on the top for the SSR. Thinking that it would be sunny and bright and the sun would cure it before the show. Well, we were wrong, maybe because we dipped the can in hot water and took it out side in the cold, that may have been the reason why it had an created a chemical reaction to the pinstriping, we don’t know, but it did. Hoping by some miracle that it would cure itself, we waited a few hours for some change, needless to say, it didn’t. We put in a quick call to the David dude and he suggested that we worry about that later and get ready for the model show; the top could be redone anytime. Taking his advice we started to clean and pack the model for the long ride to Victorville. That was pretty much it for Saturday; the rest of the day was dedicated to house chores and honey dos.

Sunday morning! We were up and ready for the journey and pumped for the show. We got all the necessities for the trip that we thought we needed, we packed them into the Blazer and started out of the drive way. Now we were on our way to the show, the drive was pretty clear most of the way, until we hit the mountains. Just before the edge of the mountain we saw trucks pulled over to the side, but we just kept going. As we got further down the road we started to feel the car sway from side to side. Thinking that we were just tired, we opened the window for some air. As the window went down we were sand blasted by loose dirt. Then we heard that there were winds hitting 50 to 60 miles an hour in that area. We drove a little more careful as the high winds slapped us around.

As we entered the mountain there was a quick change of temperature. It got cold enough to put our jackets on and since the car didn’t have a heater we laid a couple of blankets over us. As we got to the top of the mountain we could only see white. Unsure of the Blazer’s ability in cold weather, it started to get a little scary. We weren’t sure if we were going to make it, but we needed to get to the show no matter what! Once we crested the mountain, it was more of a sticky slush than snow or rain, but it was pretty smooth sailing from there.

We got to the Hook Community Center the floor was covered with snow and we were freezing. We took the SSR and walked in, once inside we saw that not too many people were there. We paid and registered in the Lowrider B category, as we got to the table we saw a lot of old friends kickin’ it, their cars were already set up on the table. As the day went on more builders arrived and the show had a great turnout even with the snow outside.

As we opened our box to reveal our SSR we really turned some heads with it. As we pulled out the base people were asking what we brought to the show. So without saying anything we reached down and pulled out the SSR. Most were amazed that we had made a Lowrider out of it, guys were shaking our hand and saying it was a great lookin’ model. The SSR was brushed off and wiped down, than we pulled out the Armorall and wiped down the tires with a Q-tip swab. The tires were shined up and the truck was placed on the base and the cameras started rolling and flashing. Questions were asked about all the body modifications that were on the truck. To their amazement we told them that there was only running boards and a visor added to the kit. FYI Revell, lots of builders said that they were going to build one, so put that conveyor-belt on high cause they’re come for them.

As the show wound down we were asked to leave for an hour so that judging could start. While waiting for the judging to end we had some fun in the snow and met some cool kids that were playing with their grandma. We also started the car a few times to make sure that it would start for the ride back home. Immediately after the judging ended the awards were given out. We sat and watched as the winners proudly accepted their trophies. When the trophies were given out we decided to hop in our car and try to beat the snow going back, so we packed up, said our good-byes and made a B-line for the freeway. Well, we had a cold two and half hour ride back home.

Although we didn’t win anything, we did find out that the builders liked the Chevy SSR model kit from Revell and that it was a big hit. We think the trophy is nice and great to have, but if the truck had won, it would have been because the judges knew that we worked for Lowrider Bicycle, but honesty is the best policy and the judges went with it. We don’t envy them, their task was to choose the best of the best and that is no easy job.

This whole project was more than just fun, it brought a few old friends together and gave us the thrill of competition on a fun level. Most of all, we saw that model building is still alive and is more fun than ever, we saw some awesome body mods and creative artwork on those models. It actually verified what we already knew. Sure you can change the color of a die-cast and add more amps, TVs and monitors from other die-cast toys, but can you do complete full custom body mods in a few days time? If you can then more props to you, but you have to admit, there is nothing like creating a plastic work of art.

This project was so much fun that we will continue with the new Revell SnapeTite Chrysler PT Cruiser convertible. If you remember back in the May 2004 issue of Lowrider Magazine, when we had the Sketch Pad section and three PT Cruisers were done up in a ’40 and ’50’s style? Well we are going to build one of those PTs for the next show in Ventura, California. Keep checking in, and if you want to see more of the show checkout the Winter ’04 issue of Lowrider Bicycle Magazine.In the meantime keep building and we’ll see you soon.