Boxing may have taken a back seat to MMA in terms of popularity, but it still has a large and loyal following. That said, boxing events may be few and far between but the announcement of a big fight gets the blood boiling and the rivalries rooting for their favorite fighter. In short, it’s a call for celebration and controversy.

2017 La Bulla Art Show Mike Avena

That said, the Canelo Alvarez and Julio Cesar Chavez Jr. fight has been hyped up as the fight of the year and it created a melting pot of controversy, conversation, and celebration. As for us, well we called it a bust from the get-go, so instead of sitting around waiting for the expected to occur, we did something better with our time and decided to hit up La Plaza de la Raza for the La Bulla art exhibit.

It’s been two years since we last covered La Bulla, and we were actually pretty excited to head out. The art exhibit, which is lucha libre themed, celebrated the iconic masks by having a barrage of artists take a stab at creating their own artistic vision based on the notorious masks. With artists such as Hernan D’Aloia, Johnny Rodriguez, Irvine Saravia, Rockabilly, and and Rebel Hernadez putting out their best, the end result was an awe-inspiring exhibit that was on point. From fine oils to airbrushing, pencil to metal engraving, a variety of techniques were incorporated to create a stunning gallery of art with Mexican roots.

2017 La Bulla Art Show Engrave It inc

On that note, we’ll avoid being like boxing and spare you from the hype. Instead, we’ll be like MMA and let the work speak for itself, so enjoy the pics. Congratulations to La Plaza de la Raza for hosting yet another epic show, and congratulations to La Bulla for another great event!