To do what you love is to never work a day in your life, and for Freddy Alfaro it’s all a dream come true. As a child, Freddy used to draw figures from his favorite comic book but fast forward to present day and he’s been doing art on a professional level for well over twenty years.

When asked about the learning curves he faced, his reply was humble as he said, “I had to learn the hard way. I learned with plenty of trial and error.” He also adds “At the time I got involved there was no one teaching or showing you how to airbrush so I took it upon myself to learn.” Through constant practice, his skill set developed and soon enough, he found himself tinkering with a lowrider bike that he wanted to build for his daughter. After prepping the bike, it was finally time to shoot it and once the paint hit the frame it became an instant addiction that Freddy fell in love with. “I just fell in love with it (automotive paint),” says Freddy. “I started hitting up anybody that would let me airbrush on their car and it was good to mesh my passion for art, paint and automobiles.”

As with most air brush artists, the humble beginnings of his career was spent airbrushing T-shirts at the local swap meet but when presented with his first opportunity to add a mural to a lowrider, he jumped on the chance and hasn’t looked back since. Freddy’s story is one which is definitely inspiring, but ask anyone who’s turned a hobby into a profession and they’ll most likely tell you that it was all a dream come true. Of course, every career has that one pivotal point that they can remember and for Freddy it has to be the work he performed on Loco ’64. It was that vehicle which catapulted his career and his continued dedication to his craft and has the streets talking and making him one of the go-to guys in Northern Cali when it comes to murals. Be sure to check out his art and always remember these two simple rules when building your ride:

1. Catch a budget and break bread.

2. Cheap art ain’t good and good art ain’t cheap.