Art and inspiration can be found anywhere; you just have to know where to look. Izzy, of Tintaz Auto Art in Buena Park, California, found himself admiring skateboard decks, which were painted with flames and skulls at his local paint supply store. Every time he went into the store they caught his eye, until one day when he decided to buy one and paint it with unique lowrider-style paint as a gift for a friend. He ended up posting up the skateboard deck online to show what he did, and unexpectedly, people started requesting custom decks for themselves. As the requests kept coming, Izzy began doing them regularly, and continued to incorporate lowrider paint schemes into his designs. His process changed, too. Izzy used to sketch them out, but he has done so many that he now free-hands the designs from scratch! For more of his work, make sure to check out Tintaz on Facebook and Instagram.