David Lozeau of Vista, California, grew up on the East Coast. Coming out of school, David became a graphic designer and around the same time, he started taking fine arts classes. “I painted a little bit, but we are talking about watercolor bases and the normal things that turn kids off of art,” David explains. The frustration brought his artwork to a halt until 8 years later, when he found himself stuck at home in a snowstorm. “I started moving things around and I found my old art supplies and started painting a little bit. I realized that I really missed it.”

An artist’s greatest fuel is inspiration, and when another 8 years went by David and his girlfriend made the move to California. “I immersed myself in my surroundings and I found so much inspiration here,” he says with a smile. “We went to all kinds of shows; tiki, hotrods and lowriders. There is so much culture and art here that you don’t see on the East Coast.” The move to California lit a fire under David to start producing art again.

David used to paint with acrylics until one day at a car show, one of David’s friend’s (a pinstripe artist) showed him enamel paint. “I tried the enamel and I instantly realized ‘That’s how I paint!’ It all just kind of made sense; the ways you can layer the paint—it was all my style. Ninety-eight-percent of my work is done with the one-shot enamel paint.”

If there is one common obstacle to the success of all artists, it’s exposure. “Some of my biggest challenges are getting my art seen,” agrees David. As a full time artist, David has to really apply himself in many avenues. Luckily for him, his previous day job consisted of online marketing, which helped him understand brand building.

“All my work is online. I’m a big fan of processed pictures and videos. I like to show the work and how it starts. I also have updates on events that I’m doing on my site.”

You can see more of him on DavidLozeau.com.