The introduction into the life of tattoos started early for Chris Suicide as his older brother was the only guy they knew with a professional tattoo gun in Mexico City. His brother Rockabilly Ray is a longtime tattoo artist who gave Chris a leg tattoo as a gift for his fifteenth birthday. In those days, Chris and Ray used to have long hair and had the punk rocker look going on. This did not sit well with their father, who was more conservative. “He thought it was a just a phase for us, and even though he wasn’t to happy with it, he accepted it once he saw that this was our lifestyle.” Their mom was very supportive, so supportive that she bought a professional tattoo gun for them with her credit card.

“My brother has always been very supportive of me. He would always encourage me to draw and to tattoo.” At that time, Chris had more passion for music than his passion for art. He joined a punk band and later on he started a group of his own. Being part of a band gave him the opportunity to travel the world.

Once Chris started his apprenticeship at Tinta Rebelde and did his first tattoo, his life completely changed. “Now, I can’t go a day without tattooing or painting,” says Chris. He still finds or makes time for music but tattooing has definitely taken a front seat. To see more of his work check out or stop by the shop at 6538 Hollywood Blvd., in Los Angeles.