Hernan D’Aloia, of Montclair, CA., got his start in the Lowrider engraving scene fourteen years ago. “I used to use an air scribe tool to engrave, which I later found out was the incorrect tool,” explains Hernan with a laugh. “Engraving was hard because I was self-taught and I didn’t have time to go to school or to take lessons on engraving.” Hernan used his budding passion as a side job but as time progressed, he kept getting more and more clients until he was eventually engraving full-time.

Hernan has also seen the engraving industry change within Lowriding. “Back when I started, I think judges wanted to see a small amount of engraving but lately, people have taken it upon themselves to do as much as possible,” He says. “A lot of engraving is being put into these cars. I love the art of engraving, but I don’t like when it is overkill. I feel that the engraving shouldn’t overpower the paintjob and it looks like some people these days are spending more money on engraving than on paint! Again, engraving should be an accent; you don’t want it to be the focus of your build.

“When it comes to engraving the sky’s the limit, but I think in the future the scene will feature cars that are more toned down and will have minimal engraving work done on them.”

You can see more of Hernan’s engraving by logging on to his website at: Engraveitinc.com or to contact him you can email him at: info@engraveitinc.com.