Mr. Rich – Feature Artist

From The Bottom To The Top

Richard Anthony Rios is better known as Mr. Rich and he is a tattoo artist out of Distinctive Ink in Pico Rivera, CA. “I grew up loving art from drawing to painting to doing wood burning. I’ve been producing art since I first picked up a pencil.” At age fourteen, Mr. Rich started tattooing with a homemade tattoo gun in East LA. “I used to tattoo on the side of my grandmas house and word started getting around the neighborhood and everyday different people kept coming to get tattoos from me and it just kept growing.” Thanks to his mother, Mr. Rich got himself his first professional tattoo gun at seventeen years old. “I was checking out a good friend of mine named Mike Avena at a tattoo convention in Long Beach.” Mike gave Rich a lot of good advice in the tattoo scene and in no time Mr. Rich was tattooing at a tattoo shop. “I started at the bottom and worked my way up and I think that is the best and most respected way to learn in this industry.”

Mr. Rich worked at several tattoo shops and was blessed enough to travel the world to do tattoo conventions. “I came back to home base here at Distinctive Ink in Pico Rivera.” Mr. Rich specializes in natural portraits and realism. “I would like to thank my kids and also my mom for buying me my first tattoo gun and for believing that I could do it.”

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