As a kid who grew up in Tijuana, Mx, Fonzy knew that he had artistic talent. His mother, who was an Art Teacher, guided the young Fonzy and helped him develop some techniques. “I can’t remember the first time I saw airbrushing on a car, I just remember wanting to do it. I ended up buying a cheap plastic airbrush even though I didn’t know anything about it including what kind of paint to use,” says Fonzy. It wasn’t long before Fonzy got his hands on a metal airbrush gun and started to develop his skill. “I saw airbrushing as another tool in my arsenal and I worked hard to keep developing my skill. My first airbrushing job was to airbrush company names and numbers on taxi’s in Tijuana but after a while the demand started decreasing. I loved to airbrush on cars but I knew that I had to move to Los Angeles in order to keep doing it.”

Once Fonzy moved to Los Angeles he found himself starting from the bottom again. “I didn’t have a car at the time so I would walk from place to place looking for an airbrushing job. It was hard to land a job since I only had a few pictures that showed the work that I had done. Since people in the lowrider scene invested a lot of money in their cars they would be wary of who they had doing work on there cars.” Luckily for Fonzy, one of his friends had connections with some of local lowrider enthusiast and he started introducing Fonzy to a lot of people. “We used to go to car shows and we handed out business cards. I started getting street level cars and slowly but surely and little by little business started picking up.”

Fonzy’s airbrushing took off in the lowrider scene and business was great for many years. Then the recession hit and business started slowing down. “One day a customer came in and wanted a mural on his ’69 Impala.” That customer happened to be a tattoo artist and since Fonzy always had an interest in tattooing he worked out a trade deal with him for some tattoo guns. “He started giving me tips about tattooing but the only way that you will truly understand it is by doing it. I struggled a lot to understand how to tattoo because you have to be really focused on what you’re doing. Especially since there is no erasing or going back”

So far Fonzy has traveled to Japan, Canada, Frankfurt, Germany, London, Belgium and France to tattoo conventions and this years list includes Barcelona, Spain, Milan, Italy, Frankfurt, Germany and Brazil. So make sure to keep an eye out for him. For more on Fonzy you can go to:,, or stop by his shop at: Greaskull Tattoo Alley at 723 S. Harbor Blvd., Fullerton, CA (323) 490-9334.