Fineline – Edgar Rodriguez – Maxima Imagen – Web Exclusive

Airbrush Art

Many consider the main ingredient in building a Lowrider is a custom paint job. Your paint is the first thing your fellow Lowriders notice; and the same can be said for the car show judges. There are many ways to set your paint job apart from others. Patterns, tape shading, silver leafing, pinstriping, and murals add individuality to a paint job. Finding a shop or artist that can apply your ideas is essential. If you can find someone that can do it all, your process will be that much easier.

Edgar Rodriguez of Maxima Imagen happens to be one of those artists who can lay patterns, pinstripe, and perform leafing, in addition to being able to airbrush murals. Edgar is a self-taught artist from Jalisco, Mexico, who relocated to the United States just over 5 years ago. As a youth in Mexico, he used to hand paint signs and paint murals with an automotive paint spray gun. On a trip to California, Edgar bought an airbrush kit and went back home to teach himself how to use it. Not long after, he was adding airbrush murals to custom paint jobs and eventually learned to do custom paint, leaf, and pinstripe work as well.

When he relocated to the United States, he started to do custom paint work on motorcycles and eventually, through word of mouth, his work found its way onto some of the top Lowriders. The producers of the Transformers movie franchise came calling when they needed someone to paint the “Optimus Prime” semi truck. To this day, Edgar does not know who referred him for the job, but he’d like to thank them if they are reading this article.

Edgar recently relocated his shop to a larger building to house the many projects he is working on. As soon as one project is done, the next one comes in, just like clockwork. Edgar has worked on rides from Maniacos, Together, and Los Angeles Car Clubs. Right now one of Edgar’s most recognizable bodies of work is Techniques Los Angeles member Richard “Clowny” Ramirez’s Harley Davidson motorcycle called “Trucha.” Edgar painted murals on the Harley and is now working on a big body Cadillac for Clowny that should be hitting the streets by the end of 2010.

Edgar’s talent has helped his business and reputation to grow by leaps and bounds over the past five years, and we certainly wish Edgar continued success. If you would like to have Edgar’s work on your ride, he can be reached at Maxima Imagen 333 S. Irwindale Ave, Azusa, CA 626-712-5919.