Born in Los Angeles, California, Susan grew up in Highland Park with a good upbringing. She was raised by both of her parents who taught her to have good morals, self respect, and consideration for others, and have encouraged her to pursue her art for the past 10 years. She has always been interested in everything that involves creativity since the age of 5. Back in 2000 while drawing at home with markers, a friend suggested that Susan should paint the walls in her room with her own art. From then on, Susan’s days and nights consisted of painting her walls with her own artwork. Her creative inspiration with the use of color in her artwork today stems from her favorite childhood Disney movie, Alice in Wonderland, as well as all Disney movies. Colors in any form of art has always fascinated her.

Self-taught and had never taken an art class, other than maybe in high school, she began painting on canvas . For the first couple of years, she set up a small boutique out of her house selling various items that she painted such as decorative boxes, wooden picture frames, and small paintings to make a few bucks here and there. When she first started, it was hard for her to fully get into it and be willing to put herself out there because she was dealing with her own insecurities and personal issues. It wasn’t until the death of one of her best friends, Thomas Franklin, that she recalls having a conversation with him a week before he died about goals they wanted to achieve, which made her not only want to better herself, but continue to pursue the goals that she had spoken to him about, and she has been doing it since then.

Susan loves all forms of art and gets inspired by seeing other artwork. The skill of graffiti and urban art also catches her eye with the way the work is done. One artist by the name of Astek, inspire her to work on her skill of lettering and drawing because he is constantly working on a new piece, drawing, and does great work that just flows and looks clean. She also gets a lot of inspiration from other artists and their dedication.

Her style of art consists ofa lot of use in color, which is why she uses the name My Vivid Dream under every art she creates. The use of bright colors and adding a bit of black and white thrown in is what she uses to make everything stand out and catch people’s attention. She wants to learn all things that require her to use her creativity. She wants to learn how to airbrush, pinstripe and improve her drawing skills. She also loves tattoo art and eventually will learn the skill of tattooing.

Susan is currently going to school at Los Angeles Trade Tech for Sign Graphics and Auto Graphics. She hopes to meet new people who she can learn something from and who will be a positive influence. Susan explains to us, “I try to stay positive and motivated, surround myself with good people, and keep striving to become a better artist and own my own business. I’m looking forward to all good things to come my way.” Check out more of Susan’s work at