The Seventh Letter is a crew of collected masters who meticulously design and exhibit their art throughout the city of Los Angeles, California, in a quest to dominate the world of graffiti. Composed from the union of Msk and AWR, these artists of concrete and Krylon have not only made their mark, but they have taken corridors such as this one and have set up an unofficial museum as masters in their trade.

The menacing red and black Seventh Letter Crew script that adorns the wall stands much like the black sail upon a pirate ship that demands respect and strikes fear into the minds of other graffiti heads who challenge their superiority. We should not speculate as to the nature of this crew, but only express our admiration for their undoubted skill in the craft. Eklips, Retna Revoke Rime Saber and T-loks are the standouts among the crew of artists who are taking their style and skill to buck the system and take their attitude to mind-crushing highs with each empty can.

That said, there’s no need to attempt to validate graffi ti as a true art, or say that it’s more than just a crime of vandalism; simply take it for what it is, a transformation of these forgotten gray walls of Los Angeles into a shotgun blast of color. This, compounded with the climate of the graffiti movement coming to a boil due to many graffiti landmarks in Los Angeles being dismantled, could justify a call to war for graffiti artists to assault every nook and cranny of this great city and make the concrete pay for the crimes of the few who view true graffiti simply as a mindless plague.

On the other hand, many may attempt to stand under the umbrella of graffiti hoping to avoid detection, but those who just splatter their name in a quest for fame with no true skill and just a lot of cheap paint and idle time should not be grouped together with artists such as the Seventh Letter crew who have paint streaming through their veins and aerosol pumping in their lungs.

Though many of these artists have taken their skill beyond the walls and freeways and into art galleries and the homes of the rich and famous, they still return to their roots at the drop of a hat, a dark night and a promise to get their fix in this shooting gallery for the few who fiend for something presented by the Seventh Letter Crew. Check out some of their work at,, or