Once again, the doors are open at the O.C Inkhouse, and the reopening was celebrated with favorite tattoo artists, good grub, a little drink and an exceedingly good amount of fun. The turn-out was stupendous with the likes of Pink, Fieldy (Korn), Dennis Rodman and top-notch tattooists mingling in the crowd. Many artists showed their appreciation and respect to the studio by lending some of their most precious pieces of art. Noah, Jack Rudy, O.G. Abel, Fonzy, Michael Godard, Jose Lopez were among the long list of those who contributed.

Owned by Franco Vescovi and Sean Rennels, the previous Inkhouse was first opened seven years ago yet recently re-opened due to the fact that Franco just felt like he had outgrown the studio. He first entered the scene lacking the experience he holds now, both as a businessman and an artist. Yet Franco has grown simultaneously with his business and he has turned out to be one talented tattooist. Sticking to the traditional black and gray inking that we all respect, Franco’s style is of the most realistic that one could find along the West Coast.

The turn-out for the studio opening was overwhelming for Franco. “I’ve tattooed for 15 years and I’m only 32,” he says. “So growing up in the industry, I’ve learned along the way. Many of the artists that I look up to attended my studio and also helped out. It was exciting and hard to believe that it turned out this way.” Franco used all of his best hookups on the scene and managed to have both his friends and artists all together with a great vibe in the air.

Arriving at the scene the front desk has a tattoo machine embedded into the surface and dollar bills faultlessly scattered and stuck on the ground. It truly was a sight for eyes with the walls completely covered in the temporary “A” list pieces of art not leaving a place to spare. Every tattooist has their own room that is blanketed in rich murals or graffiti which reflects part of their uniqueness, the first one distinctly different to next. Even though the gallery has now ended taking a trip to the Inkhouse is much in order. With the likes of Big Gus, Mario, Luke Morse, Sean Rennels and of course Franco himself tattooing there the quality and selection are hard to knock. As they say “you think it, we ink it!” Check out more of The Inkhouse artist at www.myspace.com/eltoroinkhouse.