The essence of art can be seen in so many forms.Some individuals look at art as a way of expressing him/herself rather than speaking. Others may view art as a way of escaping into an unknown world that’s filled with not knowing what’s yet to come through the means of writing, painting, sculpting, etc. But some artists, such as Alex Castaneda, view art simply as a passion; a passion that he just enjoys doing.

“I love drawing,” Alex admits. “I enjoy doing it so much that it’s grown into a passion.” This comes from the influence of his uncle Pablo. “I grew to love art, thanks to my uncle Pablo,” explains Alex. “Although he used to be from a crew and did a lot of graffiti work, he was so passionate about what he did. Whatever he decided to create always came out nice and clean. That method has stuck with me for so long. In my opinion, it always has to be nice and clean in order for me to say that it’s mine.”

While working in his artistic sanctuary, Alex creates a world of imagination for himself, with no limitations. He feels as though each art design that he produces has to be better than the last piece. “I like to learn from my mistakes,” he explains. “When I finish a piece I look at it and see what mistakes I have made, and I promise to myself that my mistake will not happen again, because the next piece will only be better.”

An example of one of Alex Castaneda’s outstanding pieces of work can be seen in his creation called “Series of Cars.” The detail of the car paintings are so intricate that it looks as if the painting can ride off of the canvas and hold its own next to the real thing in the streets. “It’s crazy how these drawings only took me a week to complete,” laughs Alex. “I just wanted to prove to myself that I was able to do it, that’s all.”

Castaneda uses different drawing methods; however, each style has a type of graffiti flavor to it, which gives his art a unique urban edge. “I like to create art that pops out at you,” he says. “I like to construct things that people look at and just say wow.”

A recent event where Castaneda definitely held his fans in awe was held on Grand Avenue in downtown Los Angeles, called “Visual Gourmand.” This art show was one of the highlights in Alex’s career, because people had the chance to view his work and appreciate the talent that he’s taken years to develop and perfect. “This event meant so much to me,” he tells us. “I had the chance to show everyone what I’m about. People came from all over Los Angeles to see my work, my work that I’ve created.”

Having said that, Alex Castaneda is definitely an artist who can bring art to life through his unique style and touch. He feels as though each person has their own style, it just depends on how they choose to utilize it.