Illustrators have long had the job of creating the artistic images that we see. Most people think that all of the work is now done on computers and that there’s no need for fine white paper and the luster of a graphite pencil. Though much of the work today does utilize the computer, most artists still start the creative process with a few sheets of white paper and a fancy $5 pencil.

To see the process that an image goes through before it’s put into print, we took a trip to 1968 W. Adams in Los Angeles, California, the address of Imajimation Studios, where Mark and Mike Davis create the Blokhedz. Blokhedz is an independent comic book that tells the lives of those who live and breathe in rough and gritty Empire City. They walked us through from sketch to final draft, while explaining the process along the way.

This is an exemplary display of the process used by most who work in the comic or movie industry when creating those books or films that we all enjoy. If you’re interested in this type of work, most of the movie studios and comic firms hire individuals for each step of this process, which would be a great place to start if you wanted to make this your life’s work.