A solid foundation is important in any structure, and in order for a car club to endure a long tenure its foundation is equally as important. Boasting a friendship that spans many years, Anthony Montolla and Edgar Naeter from Globe, Arizona, decided to start Mi Vida Car Club back in 1992. Ironically, Mi Vida was not their first choice for a car club name. One day Anthony was browsing through a LOWRIDER Magazine and came across an article on a featured vehicle. At the end of this impactful article it said, “Mi amor, Mi carro, Mi vida.” From that moment on Anthony knew his car club name would be “Mi Vida.”

Anthony and Edgar never anticipated that Mi Vida would grow into a multi-chapter car club. In 1997, “Mi Vida” expanded into its second chapter after meeting Gill Ruiz at a local car show in Yuma, Arizona. From that point on they established a structure to go by and also decided that their club colors would be brown and gold. They chose brown in order to represent “la raza.” After that they continued to open up chapters in different cities, counties, and states. They now have chapters in Chandler, Arizona; Pinal County; Las Vegas, Nevada; Texas; California; and in San Luis, Mexico. Within these chapters a hierarchy was set forth to include a president, vice president, a secretary, treasurer, and a sergeant at arms.

The club does not impose any dues on its members, but everyone pitches in to help cover costs for events. In many cases, Mi Vida Car Club has been around longer than some of their members. Many fathers and sons join the club, eager to get their custom car project completed so they too can have the privilege of flying their plaque. They in turn demonstrate that they share the same passion, outlook, and family values as the other proud members before them so that they can also practice the tradition.

Since its induction, Mi Vida Car Club has had a little over 20 years in existence, and is still going strong. They continue to promote lowriding positively and focus on making new memories after every show, every build, and always with family at the heart of it all.

They would like to thank Bugs from Arizona for designing their car club plaque, Mr. Lefty from Main Street Tattoo, Erick from EZ Cruzer and staff, Chofis from Chivas Body Shop, and the ladies of Mi Vida Car Club. By far, the deepest thanks would go to Anthony Montolla and Gill Ruiz for being great mentors, motivators, and most importantly for establishing Mi Vida Car Club as one big family. Last but not least, they would also like to thank LOWRIDER Magazine for featuring not only their vehicles, but the entire club as an extended family. It can be said that they live the good life of their chosen club and its respected name.