Much like reading about a lowrider or seeing one in person, the intricacies of the build and the ability to witness it in person don’t compare, even if you were to write a novel. The same can be said of Universal Technical Institute. The reciprocal loyalty found between employers and employees is long gone and, in that same sense, it seems as if big business has followed suit. Yet today, while most companies have substituted professionalism for profits, it’s good to see that companies such as Universal Technical Institute (UTI) pride themselves on looking after priority No. 1 — its students.

These students are not only the voice of UTI, but also its future and exemplary walking portfolios of their programs’ excellence. If you look at UTI’s resume, four out of five graduates get jobs. UTI has aligned themselves with industry heavy hitters, including partnerships with manufacturers of more than 30 brands such as Chevrolet, BMW, and Mercedes-Benz, honorably taking a seat beside them as a leading house of technical education. With programs in automotive, diesel motorcycle, marine, and collision repair training, UTI’s broad spectrum of disciplines also covers specialty fields such as Manufacturer Specific Advanced Training and NASCAR tech and pit crew training.

During a recent visit to their Rancho Cucamonga, California, location, the smiles of the students and their proven track record provides not only a breath of fresh air, but also gives any potential students hope that there is a program that looks out for their best interests, and not just during their education, but for a lifetime.

First off, let’s start by saying that UTI is not a run-of-the-mill trade school. Unlike other schools that are nestled into small subleased offices, UTI is an official campus that takes pride in their training, teachers, business etiquette, and students. Encompassing a whopping 184,000 square feet, its imposing presence runs in sheer perfection and parallel with the curriculums it offers. In short, its facility is spotless, the energy found in the classrooms intense, and when it comes to organization, it’s unparalleled and unlike anything we’ve seen before. Here, students are given both theoretical educations coupled with hands-on experience with all the tools necessary for their success. The campus prides itself in not only setting a benchmark for automotive training, but it takes great measure in ensuring that each student is taken care of for life.

From the time a student enters the campus, he or she is assisted in just about every step. Items such as school loans, job placement, all the way to dealing with uneventful incidents, UTI is there for the long haul. Take for instance its “Student Services” division. From helping find car pools to assisting students in finding jobs while going through their program, UTI is committed to supporting the students in any way they can.

Sean Carlson, campus president of UTI, also points out that they’ve helped students who have been short on gas money and also helped find places they could rent. But finding residency goes well beyond putting a roof over their heads. This program also helps makes sure to room them with like-minded students to ensure that they all get along, and this speaks volumes about its attention to detail and genuine care for students.

To summarize a tour of their facility, even in a brochure or a 100-page book, simply does no justice to what they offer and the energy you feel when you’re physically there. The floors are squeaky clean, the classrooms are enormous, and to see the different divisions, departments, and all the tools and vehicles they have access to is simply incredible. The campus is a technological marvel that provides students an accelerated course with a hands-on approach and you simply have to be there in person to truly understand the magnitude of the institution.

In short, UTI sets the benchmark when it comes to technical training and we haven’t seen or much less heard of any institute that comes close to being second. The organization, discipline, and excellence found in its curriculum and staff is so well structured that they’re not only creating future technicians, but also managers and businessmen who will help spread that keen knowledge and organizational skills they have learned from UTI.