Custom Lowrider Stroller – Reborn

Louisville, KY

When Gary Craddock from Louisville, Kentucky, experienced the birth of his second child, he also experienced a custom-build idea. He mentioned to a buddy of his that he would like to get a stroller and build it to match his car. “My friend, Phil, came across one for sale but I didn’t have the money to get it at that time,” says Gary. “Luckily the guy was in need of a new set of stock wheels for his Cadillac and Phil had some sitting around his garage, so he traded him for it.” Phil is like an uncle to Gary’s son and decided to just give him the stroller, rather than have Gary pay him back. Gary took the stroller to Street Toys in Jackson, Mississippi, to build the stroller, since they were the ones who built his car. “When I went to pick up my car, I dropped off the stroller and told them that I needed it done within a month to have it for a big show that was coming up,” Gary explains. Street Toys obliged, and they used an Axalta/DuPont bronze paint with multiple House of Kolor patterns to match. Any pieces not receiving custom paint were sent out to Armando of Nice & Easy in San Diego, California, for chroming. Gary received everything back the day before the show and they worked all night to put it all back together. “I ended up pushing my boy around the show in it, and I think I got a lot more feedback on the stroller than the I got on the car!”