Not many girls can boast about owning a tricked-out pedal car, but sisters Serena and Samiyah Almarez sure can! They are the proud owners of Skittles; a custom multicolored pedal car given to them by their doting father, Eddie. Not only did they accept this gift, they also gave input on every modification done to the car—at their father’s expense, of course.

The build process started with the first phase of prepping the bodywork and adding minor body mods by Chawps, from Chawps Customs in Phoenix, Arizona. He then painted it with a silver flake and sent it over to Doc, out of Inglewood, California, to lay down some multicolored patterns. Rick Westcott, from Voodoo Artworx, out of Clarkston, Washington, topped off the car’s paint by adding a series of realistic portraits of the girls.

Next up, the upholstery was handled by Felipe, from Felipe’s Custom Upholstery, who made Cadillac-style pillows wrapped in gray leather, accented with multicolored buttons to maintain the Skittles theme. The chassis and custom floorpan were built by Homegrown, from Homegrown Customs out of Avondale, Arizona.

Krazy Kutting out in Yuma, Arizona, then built the custom push bars and pedals. Swing, of Swings Engraving from Phoenix, Arizona, engraved the custom parts, including the suspension, floorpan, and accessories. The chrome duties were handled by Mike, from Kerr West Plating, and Cliff, from Papago Plating, both also from Phoenix, Arizona.

Sisters Serena and Samiyah enjoy showing off their creation and representing the Majestics Bike Club at local and out-of-state shows. After a year of construction, the pedal car hit the show circuit and made its show stopping debut at the 2012 Lowrider Show in Mesa, Arizona!