They may WeaR sWeats and jeans but trust us When We say that they’ve got suit money. over the past three decades lowriders, aka the hopping cars, have received a bad rap. they’ve been presented in newspapers and on television media as the mode of transportation for gang bangers and criminals alike, but this is so far from the truth it’s almost funny. this general (and ignorant) misconception is what prevents the lifestyle from getting its full glory and respect. let’s be real here. Who in their right mind would rob a bank in a lowrider? no seriously. Could you imagine trying to escape in a ride with candy paint and 13-inch wheels? besides, a new mercedes-benz s-Class won’t be worth squat 10 years from now, a lowrider (if you’ve got the right year, make and model) will get you appreciation-both in terms of fanfare as well as financial payout.

Each year the price of owning one of these classic vehicles is escalating to an all-time high. take for example the ’59 impala, this vehicle (in good/excellent condition) will fetch upwards of $100,000. that’s right, builders such as bowtie Connection in artesia, California, have already built well over a dozen of these $100,000-plus vehicles so watch what you say the next time you see one rolling down the street because your bentley may not be as hot as you think it is.

On new years day we got a chance to witness some of these extraordinary vehicles in action and, in the absence of sounding like a fairy, they were breathtaking. los angeles Car Club invited us down to a meeting point as they prepared for the annual majestics car show/ picnic in long beach, California, and the results were more than impressive. With enough candy paint to drown your sorrows and more chrome than even tera Patrick could suck clean, all of their cars were great examples of what their niche market and lifestyle had to offer. Rather then ramble on, take a look at the pictures and see for yourself why you just may never look at a lowrider in the same light again.