In the new age of lowriding, we have a lot of imports hitting the streets of the US. Some of these are stock, and some are fully tricked out from front to back and side to side. These new-age lowrider cars are pretty cool and plenty of modelers want to know how to do some of those crazy body modifications in miniature, so we set forth to figure it out using our pal David Anthony Garcia of the Drag-N-Shop located in Santa Fe Springs, California.

David agreed to further modify the Acura “Roadster” that we transformed in the last issue. We got out to Dave’s place at the first crow of the rooster and began by taking out all of the tools that we needed for our new project. It’s always wise to lay out a plan before starting; as you’ll see, we came to much hard body modification. We didn’t intend to get too wild, but we couldn’t help it, and you’re not going to find out what the finished Acura looks like until the next issue. In the meantime, check out these side body mods. Maybe you’ll get inspired to try some crazy model modifications yourself.