When restoring a vehicle, you can never “seal the deal” without replacing your weatherstripping. From the proper door, trunk, roof rail, window felts and sweeps, you need to make sure to use products that are built to exacting standards, and with Original Parts Group Inc. (OPGI) that’s exactly what you will find.

Automotive weatherstripping is essential in protecting your interior cabin from elements such as rain, snow, dirt, wind, or debris. Now, if you don’t know what weatherstripping is, then fear not; it’s the rubber material that goes along the edges of your windows, doors, trunk, hood, or body to help seal gaps. Typically held in place by screws, clips, adhesive, and/or by pressure, the seals help lessen interior cabin noise while also preventing dust or insects from crawling in. But if none of those factors are enough to sell you on replacing them. Then imagine a fresh paintjob with cracked seals; yeah … no bueno.

So when it comes time to source a new set of weatherstripping look no further than OPGI, a company that has long maintained a solid reputation as a top manufacturer of classic GM restoration parts and high-performance accessories. Found on many lowriders and classic restorations, OPGI has the largest collection of high-quality Chevelle, Grand Prix, Malibu, El Camino, Cadillac, Cutlass, Riviera, Monte Carlo, LeMans, and Skylark classic parts in the world.

In this Lowrider restoration article, we’re featuring an overview of the top-notch OPGI weatherseal products that have been meticulously designed with the utmost care and attention to detail. They are manufactured from premium materials, using the strictest manufacturing standards in turn, delivering unsurpassed quality, and a product that promises to deliver the ultimate satisfaction and performance.

With that said, here are just a few products from OPGI that are exclusively fit for the 1963-1976 Buick Rivieras. Now remember, take caution when you do replace your old, worn-out seals and be sure to remove any screws that your old seal had in place. From there, pry the old seals off by hand and remove any and all existing adhesive prior to installing your new weatherstrip. If you find old or rusted screws holding them in place, be sure to opt for a new set and apply a generous amount of pressure and let the adhesive dry thoroughly.

Besides all the authentic reproduction seals that OPGI sells for GM, this time around we chose to restore the weatherstripping on a 1971 Buick Riviera “Boat Tail” project we are currently working on at Lowrider Garage. Here’s what we chose to use.

OPGI Weatherseal Products 63 76 Riviera Trunk Weatherstrip

1963-1976 Riviera Trunk Weatherstrip
Keeping your trunk dry is easy with a new weatherstrip seal from OPGI. This authentic sponge seal has been reproduced to OEM specifications and is designed to fit and function like factory originals. Weatherstrip glue is recommended for a proper installation. The trunk seals are universal in size and come with a little more length for a sure-fit size. Remove old rubber and adhesive from the channel or trunk gutter. Use adhesive and put pressure on your new seal as they are designed to fit properly into the gutter/channel. Allow time for your weatherstrip to set, as it is new and a little harder, until there is sort of a break-in period. Cut off the excess length with a pair of sharp scissors.

PN BR00746
Brand: SoffSeal
Authentic reproduction of the original GM product
Sold As: Each
Provides ultimate sealing! Satisfaction guaranteed!

OPGI Weatherseal Products 73 73 Riviera Door Frame Weatherstrip

1971-1973 Buick Riviera Door Frame Weatherstrip
Reproduction door frame weatherstrips have been manufactured to OE specifications for both fit and finish. Each weatherstrip features molded rubber ends and factory-style retaining clips to ensure a tight seal. Sold per pair; adhesive glue is required. Door Seals go along the perimeter of the doorjambs. They are fastened on by plastic hole push “T” inserts.

PN BR00722
Brand: Metro Molded Parts
Authentic reproduction of the original GM product Years: 1971-73
Sold As: Pair

OPGI Weatherseal Products 71 7 Riviera Quarter Window Vertical Weatherstrip

1971-1973 Buick Riviera Quarter Window Vertical Weatherstrip with steel inserts
Identical to the original equipment and precisely molded, these rubber inserts provide an excellent seal and are a must-have for any restoration.

PN BR00744
Brand: Metro Molded Parts
Sold As: Per Pair

OPGI Weatherseal Products 71 73 Riviera Roof Rail Seals

1971-1973 Buick Riviera Roof Rail Seals
Weatherstrip roof rails go on either on hardtops or convertible top models. They are ran and applied to fit the chrome strip rail guides from the windshield pillar and up along the inside edge of the roofline. These rubber moldings help seal the top of your door and quarter windows when they are closed

PN BR00712
Brand: Metro Molded Parts
Sold As: Pair

OPGI Weatherseal Products 73 7 Buick Riviera Window Felts

1971-1973 Buick Riviera Window Felts, Original Style
Original-style felts are identical to what GM used on the assembly line and feature the correct felt and finished chrome bead. These felt sets come complete with the necessary mounting hardware where applicable. Window felts are also called sweeps or window seals. They attach on the outside and top of the door/and quarter-panel and on the inside of the door and quarter interior panels. When your windows are rolled up they press against your glass to prevent air and water leakage in the doors and or the quarter-panels.

PN BR00754
Brand: Repops

OPGI Weatherseal Products 71 73 Riviera Rear Quarter Window Felts

’71-’73 Buick Riviera Rear Quarter Window Felts, Original Style

OPGI Weatherseal Products 71 73 Riviera Doorjamb Seals

1971-1973 Riviera Doorjamb Seals, U-Shaped
Reproduction doorjamb seals are precisely manufactured to meet OEM standards. Each seal is injection-molded rubber that features the correct steel insert for rigidity and ease-of-mounting. Sold per pair. Window doorjamb top seals attach on the inside of the doorjambs and at the window corner edges. The door glass rolls up into them.

PN BR00732
Brand: Metro Molded Parts
Features steel insert for rigidity.
Sold As: Per Pair