The passion for paint is a universal language that is admired by just about anyone. Regardless of whether you love lowriding or hot rods, imports or bikes, the first thing we notice about any custom car is the paint. We get lost in its depth, squint at its luster, and marvel around the integrity of the application when it throws reflections like a well-polished mirror. In short, a good paintjob is what dreams are made of, and only few qualify as top-notch contenders.

When you step into the art of Kustom painting, the levels of the game are elevated and this is when we get lost for words. This is when we begin to understand the science of paint technology, the theory of application, and, as most of you already know, this is when we get to understand the true power of a good basecoat—one of the most essential steps in creating a truly flawless end result. Basecoat products, such as pearls, can make your project sparkle, flip-flop, shimmer, and turn heads. But this is where things start to get exciting, as you have to decide which pearl effect to choose from.

To help alleviate that task, the folks at House of Kolor offer a massive selection of pearl products that fit any taste. Just like the results from their pearls you too will be flip-flopping on an eventual favorite choice. The most creative paintjobs also need depth or dimension and it must be said that only the best single-color candy applications are sprayed over the perfect choice of pearl basecoats. In fact, only the best multicolored candies have pearl patterns that complement them on a well-designed and intricate layout. With that said, House of Kolor provides the widest selection of pearl scenarios. Here are just a few of their select series of iridescent options available for your lowrider’s personal design.


FX Metalume

House of Kolor has now increased its silvers by adding Super Fine, Coarse, and Super Silver to the standard BC and FBC. Using the finest aluminum flake technology, the Metalumes allow you, the painter, to choose virtually any finish you desire; the options are there!

S2-FX01 Metalume Super Fine, SFBC FX
S2-FX02 Metalume Fine FBC FX
S2-FX03 Metalume Medium BC FX
S2-FX04 Metalume Coarse CBC FX
S2-FX05 Metalume Super Silver SSBC FX

FX Kosamene

Looking for a natural, earth tone finish for your kustom ride? Look no further than Shimrin2 FX Kosamene Series. These earthly fine pearls are excellent for fast coverage on overall projects, graphics, airbrushing, and more. The sky’s the limit!

S2-FX21 Kosamene Brass Pearl FX
S2-FX22 Kosamene Sterling Silver Pearl FX
S2-FX23 Kosamene Russet Pearl FX
S2-FX24 Kosamene Copper Pearl FX
S2-FX25 Kosamene Bronze Pearl FX
S2-FX26 Kosamene Gold Pearl FX

FX Kosmatic Styling Pearls

Shimrin2 FX Kosmatic Styling Pearls are iridescent blankets with extreme smoothness, giving you the highlights of a pearl in light without taking away from your primary Kolor. Ride under the radar with FX Kosmatic Styling Pearls!

S2-FX30 Kosmatic Styling Pearl – KSP Ember Orange FX
S2-FX31 Kosmatic Styling Pearl – KSP Strikngold FX
S2-FX32 Kosmatic Styling Pearl – KSP Red FX
S2-FX33 Kosmatic Styling Pearl – KSP Violet FX
S2-FX34 Kosmatic Styling Pearl – KSP Blue FX
S2-FX35 Kosmatic Styling Pearl – KSP Green FX
S2-FX36 Kosmatic Styling Pearl – KSP Turquoise FX
S2-FX37 Kosmatic Styling Pearl – KSP Magenta FX
S2-FX38 Kosmatic Styling Pearl – KSP Indigo FX
S2-FX39 Kosmatic Styling Pearl – KSP White FX

FX Metajuls

BLING! Looking for a fine flake-like effect? House of Kolor’s uniquely cut FX Metajul pearl has eye-Katching BLING in every light source. Giving you an intense, Klean, and beautiful glamor look. Shimrin2 FX Metajuls Series feature more kolors than ever in an easy-to-use system. FX Metajuls are a super thin foil flake that lays flat quickly for ease of application. The FX Metajuls will blow your mind!

S2-FX41 Metajuls – MBC Prism Pearl FX
S2-FX42 Metajuls – MBC Pale Gold FX
S2-FX43 Metajuls – MBC Red FX
S2-FX44 Metajuls – MBC Blue FX
S2-FX45 Metajuls – MBC Yellow FX
S2-FX46 Metajuls – MBC Green FX
S2-FX47 Metajuls – MBC Silver FX

FX Kosmic Sparks

Be floored by House of Kolor’s new Shimrin2 FX Kosmic Spark Series. These new FX Pacs offer the whitest-white pearl possible, and a spectrum of kolor. FX Kosmic Sparks are the same size as other pearls, but twice as brilliant!

S2-FX61 Kosmic Sparks – KDP Sno White FX
S2-FX62 Kosmic Sparks – KDP Gold Rush FX
S2-FX63 Kosmic Sparks – KDP Blushing Red FX
S2-FX64 Kosmic Sparks – KDP Copper Penny FX
S2-FX65 Kosmic Sparks – KDP Summertime Green FX
S2-FX66 Kosmic Sparks – KDP Ocean Blue FX
S2-FX67 Kosmic Sparks – KDP Turquoise FX

When you finally decide on your basecoat and paint options, my only word of advice is to always do a test panel to gauge the coverage and color. By doing so you can get a real feel for what to expect. In doing so, you can adjust accordingly and you may need to increase or decrease your pearl to achieve the proper coverage. The size of the object being painted will also dictate the amount of pear required. Larger objects require less pearl than smaller ones. When it comes to application on large objects, start low and add additional pearl slowly. Too much pearl will reduce the iridescent effect due to overcrowding of the pearl, and in turn may cause mottling or streaking. Apply more coats instead of mixing the pearl too strong. Now, when applying pearl over a dark base, make sure not to add too much pearl concentrate, as mottling or streaking can also occur quite easily.

While this may sound like a complicated process, it’s really as easy as shooting test panels and getting a feel for what you need. In addition, by working with quality and a qualified painter, be sure to ask them to educate you about the process because the true beauty of paint is understanding the steps that got you there in the first place!