Fuller Truck Accessories – Is Your Pick Up Covered

Secure your valuables inside your truck's bed

Before every built Lowrider, there is a pick up truck involved in the process. From the beginning when you claim your project out of a barn or someone’s back yard, you need a truck to help pull it to its new home. During the build that same truck is out hunting for replacement parts or moving your vehicle from the body shop to the upholstery shop, and when that is all said and done eventually that prized possession is then transported to out of town Car Shows for exhibition. Without Pick up trucks our custom car hobbies could never reach their goals or completion. A pick up trucks primary reason is to tow or haul valuable possessions in the back of the beds like floor jacks, tools, parts and other valuables. The problem most truck owners have is that they need to keep an eye on their properties and possessions because the beds are open and exposed to anyone out there who can help them selves to those certain valuables if they want to, and let’s not forget about the weather exposure that has an effect on things too. It seems that most of the time what ever goes inside the back of a truck bed must eventually come back out. To cover your assets why not have a sleek and low profile Tonneau cover installed on your trucks bed by the pick up truck specialists at Fuller Truck Accessories in Southern California. Family owned for over forty years and with two locations in Fullerton and Riverside, their Tonneau Covers come with double-lock security, high strength construction and an easy opening feature. A Fuller installed Tonneau cover comes with a sleek, low profile look and improved fuel economy that’s a great addition to any truck. Fuller truck Accessories specialize in camper shells, or toppers as they are sometimes referred to, and have added several other specialized product lines as well. These newer items include truck bed tool boxes, job site storage equipment, commercial van interiors, truck bed liners-both hard and soft, truck racks and truck carpet kits along with a wide variety of other truck and SUV accessories. Friendly and with a highly trained sales staff, their super store of accessories, have seven installation bays to fit and cover all your trucks needs.

Fuller Truck Accessories strive to be your one stop source for all accessories and that’s why we took our truck hauler down to their Fullerton location to be custom fitted with a Tonneau cover. Follow our tour from the sales counter, show room, and on over to their install bay as we show you how we were professionally covered.

1. Backed in to an open bay and ready to be Tonneau covered.

2. The Installers pull the right fitting Snug Lid (RL) from their inventory.

3. They carefully unpack the cover.

4. They pick up and begin to set in place the Tonneau cover.

5. The installers make sure that the arms do not get in the way before the top is laid down into its permanent place.

6. The fork-lift is removed once the Snug top is set.

7. Now our truck will be back up into the bay to begin the mounting of the brackets, arms, and locks

8. The brackets are ready to be placed in their positions to secure the cover to the top end sides of the truck bed.

9. The Installers begin mounting the brackets onto their stationary place.

10. Brackets are mounted to each (left& right) sides of the bed.

11. The final bracket is mounted on.

12. The arm extensions are mounted in place that will hold the Tonneau cover in the up position.

13. The locking bracket mechanisms are placed and mounted at the rear and top end of the bed.

14. The Tonneau cover is then opened and closed for further inspection.

15. The cover is then looked upon and examined for final position before anything is tightened down.

16. Every bolt, washer, and nut are tightened down for completion.

17. Locking bracket is also permanently mounted in its final location.

18. The locking mechanism is thoroughly checked to make sure that the cover latches line up and secure the top down for security and closure needs.

19. Luis and Jose are ready to cover your truck next.

Final –Full Coverage by Fuller!!

Fuller Truck accessories offers great prices on the best products whether you need a truck tonneau cover, a truck bed, tool box, a Penda bed liner, Snugtop or Leer camper shell, dash covers, hood shields, pass through windows, tail gate protectors, trailer hitches or any other truck accessories. They only have the accessories to fit your style your budget and the truck you use for your custom hobby.


800-99-shell Fullerton, CA

800-94-shell Riverside, CA