Sunroof Performers is a great company that most builders associate with expertly built and installed moonroofs and sunroofs. While this is true, the company is actually capable of taking care of other aspects of auto customization as well. Sunroof Performers also works with audio installs and upholstery needs, and when we pulled up to their shop, we watched them work on a ’62 Impala Convertible. Hoping to see the experts at work and learn a little something ourselves, we took the opportunity to watch them install a brand new CARS Inc. convertible top on the car. Here is how they got this classic Chevy ready for the summer by installing the high quality canvas top.

<strong>1</strong>. We stopped on in at Sunroof Performers while they were working on this '62 Impala.<strong>2</strong>. A complete convertible top kit from CARS Inc. was used for this restoration.<strong>3</strong>. The powdercoated rack was ready to be worked on.<strong>4</strong>. The fill padding was the first thing to be attached to the top.<strong>5</strong>. The top padding was stretched throughout the rack.<strong>6</strong>. While the fill padding was being installed, the back window was left out to allow the sun to let the material stretch out.<strong>7</strong>. If you're not lucky enough to be able to use the sun to allow the vinyl to loosen up, you can use a heat gun to get the same results.<strong>8</strong>. This inner bow will hold the convertible top in 

place once it is bolted in.<strong>9</strong>. After finding the center of the back window, it was attached to the rear bow. As you can see, we left paper attached to the back window to prevent us from scratching it while installing the convertible top.<strong>10</strong>. The rear brace/bracket that stretches the vinyl window in place was bolted on.<strong>11</strong>. With the window where it needed to be, it was stapled in place.<strong>12</strong>. The convertible top was ready to be installed.<strong>13</strong>. The pre-cut top was positioned in place.<strong>14</strong>. Once the top is fitted on the rack, it will need to be adjusted.<strong>15</strong>. The top was installed from the rear and will be stretched forward.<strong>16</strong>. When bolted in, the top will start looking like this.<strong>17</strong>. The top received glue so it will hold the top in place, allowing us to staple everything down once the last adjustments are made to the install.<strong>18</strong>. Once we had the top adjusted, it was trimmed to fit.<strong>19</strong>. The top was then stapled to the front header bow.<strong>20</strong>. The rear top welt was going to be centered to the top.<strong>21</strong>. Once our center was found, the welt was stapled on.<strong>22</strong>. The welt was rolled and the metal trims were added to the car.<strong>23</strong>. This CARS Inc. top was now ready and installed.

Special Thanks to Sunroof Performers