When starting to do body-work on a car one of the most important things to do is to align your fenders. This is usually the major starting point for your bodywork and your panels as all of your gaps will need to be adjusted from this point.

So let’s take a look at how Rico Duran checks the gaps on his classic Impala using a traditional Tram Gauge that was designed to square up the body gaps.

1. This old School Tram Gauge has helped align many cars in its lifespan.

2. The first thing to do was to make sure that all of your bolt down points where able to be accessible to loosen and tighten down as needed.

3. The fenders bolts all where loosen from the front end so the first adjustments could be made in some cases the bolts are removed for the taper point of the tools slips in the tread and will give you a accurate measurement.

4. The gauge has a locking system so you can keep the exact measurement can be checked. Once the measurement from one side was taken it crossed onto the other side.

5. Rico made sure to read the measurements from the same points on the opposite side of the car.

6. If the front end is closed as ours was it will need to be pulled so your body lines can start squaring up.

7. Once you adjust you need to measure again and it is a trial and error until you get the gap you are looking for.

8. The bottom of our fenders needed to be tightened after we got our body gap where it needed to be at.

9. Here is a close up of the body-line which is identical on both sides.

10. This old school tool helped out with the front end getting gapped in 15 minutes because of the experience behind the tool.