Quarter Panel Repair – Bodywork 101

Metal Massaging for Prep Paint

In this month’s Restoration section, we will show you how to restore a quarter panel. Depending on the car that you own, you might get lucky and find an outlet that carries replacement sheet metal, but in some cases of rare automobiles you will most likely be forced to work with what you have. This might sound like a big task, but most body men will tell you that it’s all about patience. Besides patience, manufacturers like Classic Industries have invested thousands into sheet metal replacement and actual parts for these classic vehicles.

When you take a car down to the metal, it will tell you everything you need to know about the car’s condition, and this certainly was the case for our Fearless ’68 Project car. When we found the car, we knew it was solid but we knew it was going to need some work. After getting our body shell back from Millennium Sandblasting, we saw for ourselves that this car wasn’t that bad. The only major surprise was the bondo job in the rear quarter panel. With the paint gone, we at least knew what we were getting into. We had two choices; we could repair the panel or we could replace it altogether. In our case, we decided to repair it.

Now, let us show you how Luis and the Coronel worked their magic on this ‘68 Impala Super Sport.