We begin this story with a reintroduction to a familiar favorite in the paint industry. The company we’ve known for decades as Dupont has now become Axalta Coating Systems. Don’t fret Dupont fans; Axalta will now be focused as a stand- alone paint company that remains dedicated to Dupont’s 90-year foundation in the coatings industry. As an independent company, Axalta Coating Systems serves more than 120,000 customers in 130 countries and provides customers with a full range of coating systems that take less paint to cover when compared to other product.

This was the first paint bash of the year and Axalta hosted it at the company’s Pomona-based training center. They eagerly invited some of the industry’s best to attend the event, which gave the attendees a chance to spray out the new candy line of CFX Candy and Hot Hues that covers in no more than three coats. During the exhibition, the single stage candy served as the foundation to most of the panels, which we are going to be featuring today.

Axalta Coating Systems will continue to do business as DuPont Performance Coatings for the next several months, until the new name is formally launched in the second quarter of 2013. For now, let’s look at the results from the first paint jam of the year.

<strong>1</strong>. This bash started off with plenty of tape and custom paint.<strong>2</strong>. The Axalta team was ready to mix whatever was needed to make these custom panels look good.<strong>3</strong>. With a good selection of premixed colors, the guys got started by laying out their graphic designs.<strong>4</strong>. If you could see inside the heads of some of these painters, you might see more than tape, as you can see on this panel.<strong>5</strong>. Phil was the first to start laying out designs.<strong>6</strong>. Danny D tried out his FBS tape on the mini hood.<strong>7</strong>. From Spain was Jesus, who worked his magic.<strong>8</strong>. Sorel The <strong>9</strong>. Zack always starts off running, as you can see with his panel.<strong>10</strong>. Jesus took his time while he thought of what he wanted to create.<strong>11</strong>. The spraying was done in the high-tech, down draft booth.<strong>12</strong>. Phil started off doing some trick fades.<strong>13</strong>. Curly started laying out his complicated piece.<strong>14</strong>. Team Curly looked good as they all got to play with the newest paint.<strong>15</strong>. These skirts got a touch of paint.<strong>16</strong>. Bugs from Arizona gave us the thumbs up on the class.<strong>17</strong>. The panels started to get shape.<strong>18</strong>. Manny was the first to get the first clear leaving it ready for pinstriping.<strong>19</strong>. Double dippin' was Sorel, who didn't hold back with his panel.<strong>20</strong>. Curly laid out his next pinstripe moves.<strong>21</strong>. Mike was ready to lay out some color.<strong>22</strong>. Gold leaf was laid out.<strong>23</strong>. The brushes were pulled out and lines were pulled.<strong>24</strong>. This is a look at how gold leafing is applied.<strong>25</strong>. Bugs outlined his gold leafing.<strong>26</strong>. Danny pulled some fancy lines on his panel.<strong>27</strong>. Manny was like a machine when it came time to pull lines.<strong>28</strong>. Curly was working his magic.<strong>29</strong>. This panel was almost ready for final clear and only needed a couple of touches.<strong>30</strong>. Everybody worked off of each other as some people just observed.