When you do a paint job, a bare canvas is the best foundation to start off with. The less materials that you use the better your chances are of not having a chemical reaction. one of the important things to remember is to try to use the same product all the way through, as most of these materials are designed so they do not react when they’re used together.

When you have old material build-up or the original paint that has been abused throughout the years, you’re best off starting over. We stopped off at Primo Restorations in Rancho Cucamonga, California, where they were going to start working on a Chevy Caprice roof so we stuck around. The shopped opted to take the car down to metal and use seM’s ML011 Metalock, a true direct-tometal epoxy primer designed for metal, aluminum, sMC and fiberglass.

The ML011 utilizes the latest technology to provide superior adhesion, outstanding corrosion protection and exceptional sanding properties, creating a solid and dependable foundation for any project. After taking the roof down to metal, the body was gone through and the work was done to the roof, leaving it ready to be sealed. When they sprayed the roof, saTa 3000 was used and set up to shoot at 25 lbs of air. The results were thick, even coats with minimal overspray, not like some of the generic primers out on the market today.

Now follow along as Primo Restorations uses the summit Racing catalog for the sandpapers and Rage body filler for this tech. once they used the handy catalog, the roof was prepared for blocking using the seM Metalock primer kit.