You can have all the quality components in the world, an engine assembled by the baddest builder in your city, but without a solid ignition system, well, you’ll be stuck with an underperforming—and super expensive—paperweight.

Just to clarify, the ignition system on your vehicle does more than just start your car. In fact, a faulty ignition system can wreak havoc on your car, leaving it running like garbage, creating horrible fuel economy, and even creating erratic idle.

So in a nutshell, your ignition system is responsible for keeping generated high-voltage discharge from your car’s 12V battery. All that while also calculating the engine’s position and correctly firing each spark plug to ignite the air/fuel mixture in each chamber at precisely the right time. In short, your ignition system is like the nervous system of your car, helping ensure that everything is firing properly.

Enter the Sniper EFI, Holley/MSD’s latest release, designed as a simple-to-install, state-of-the-art ignition system that is available for multiple Chevy, Ford, and Chrysler engines. Engineered for a simple plug-and-play installation with Sniper EFI, the ignition box produces 535 V of primary voltage all the way up to 12,000 rpm and is sealed and powdercoated for durability in even the harshest of environments.

The coil sends 45,000 V to the plug, ensuring complete fuel combustion. The HyperSpark distributor housing is made of billet aluminum and includes a Hall Effect crank-signal sensor for a noise-free signal to your Sniper EFI ECU. From ignition boxes, to ignition coils and distributors, the Sniper EFI lineup of products has a long list of features that are all crafted with performance and durability in mind.


  • Designed as a plug-and-play with Sniper EFI systems
  • Hall Effect crank trigger sensor in a billet distributor housing provides a noise-free rpm signal to the Sniper ECU
  • Patented Clear Installation Cap makes phasing the distributor virtually foolproof
  • Pre-terminated ignition coil connector removes any doubt of loose connections at the ignition coil
  • HyperSpark CD ignition box is sealed and powdercoated to be installed in the harshest of locations
  • External LED on HyperSpark CD ignition box helps verify 12 V, cranking rpm, and low battery voltage
  • The HyperSpark ignition coil comes with an integrated mounting bracket, making installation hassle-free
  • Perfect for anyone wanting to add timing control to their Sniper EFI installation
  • Timing control improves idle stability, throttle response, fuel economy, and wide-open throttle horsepower!