Technology has granted us plenty of ease and comfort when it comes to our daily lives. If anything, some would argue that it makes us that much more efficient while others would say that it makes us that much lazier. Either way, technology has erased many of our old archaic habits. Remember the days when you had to search for a pay phone praying that it didn’t smell like piss and hoping that it worked? Remember when you actually had to go the library to search for information? Well, thanks to the advent of mobile phones and the Internet those two habits are a thing of the past.

Technology has also helped make our lives easier when it comes to driving. Nowadays, just about every car has a key fob that unlocks your car when you approach, and once inside the cockpit you push a button and the engine fires up. Nowadays, it seem as if the only time I find myself searching for a set of ignition keys is when it comes to my classic cars, but thanks to ididit, that’s about to change—and that’s a good thing because seriously I’m tired of having to look for a key just to arch up forward as I play a game of “Pin the Tail on the Donkey” while searching for the keyhole.

Thanks to the newly released product from ididit, those old habits will also be a thing of the past. Their id.PUSH+ Push Button Start Kit provides classic car owners the luxury of having keyless entry with the ability to start your car by simply pushing a button. Upon proper installation, the included key FOB activates/deactivates the ignition and a key safety feature also includes an emergency shut down and brake input.

The id.PUSH+ keyless ignition system features a mechanical push-button start with LED halo lighting all with the added security of a key FOB. The key FOB activates/deactivates the ignition, keeping your ride secure. This simple system includes a system status indicator showing you what mode it’s in. Safety features include an emergency shut down and brake input required for safe operation. The ease of use and affordability make it a perfect option for the everyday car enthusiast or hobby racer.

ididit offers a variety of Touch-N-Go touch-sensitive ignition systems that are a direct replacement for standard keyed ignitions. These systems are designed to work with most ididit tilt steering columns and it’s one of the most useful and one of the most necessary products you need to change your driving experience. With three different kits ranging from $330-$740, their most expensive unit features the industry’s first touch-sensitive start system, which has a 22mm aluminum button with multicolor LED lights that signal what mode you’re in. There are also no moving components to wear out and each kit is also available with an optional remote start so you can warm your car up while sipping on a hot cup of Abuelitas. Seriously folks, it just doesn’t get any sweeter than that!