When it comes to building a project car, we’re firm believers that the carpet must match the drapes—but don’t get it twisted, we’re speaking in terms of quality and not the traditional approach you were thinking.

dakota digital hdx system hdx control box

dakota digital hdx system hdx diagram

So for our “Bomb” Truck build, we went with some premium components, including a TCI frame, 383 LSX motor, and some Wilwood brakes, which is just a short list of the great products used in this build. That said, it would be an awful shame to step inside the cab just to stare at a pair of dated—and underperforming gauges—so we had no choice but to seek out the expertise from the folks over at Dakota Digital.

dakota digital hdx system hdx white illumination gauges

dakota digital hdx system hdx blue illumination

dakota digital hdx system hdx alloy gauges

Luckily for us, they make a replacement kit, which is phenomenal. Their replacement kits for the 1947-1953 Chevy PU game are serious. No more adapter rings, no more crammed gauges, and instead what they have to offer is a direct drop-in solution that is flawless. Each kit comes with a set of gauges, which are painstakingly perfect in form, function, and fashion. Then again, this is the level of workmanship you’d expect from Dakota Digital.

Chrome plated, machined aluminum instrument housings replace the stock bezels for an exact fit—just as long as you’re using a stock 1947-1953 Chevy and GMC pickup dashboard. In addition, a pair of capacitive-touch buttons and a full-color TFT display in each gauge allows for full personalization, thus giving you a host of options and functions to choose from.

dakota digital hdx system hdx display diagram

dakota digital hdx system hd lighting and themes

Available in black or silver alloy gauge-face styles, each HDX system allows the user to select independent illumination colors for the gauge readings and needles, as well as the message centers. Calibration and personal settings are manipulated with the built-in, capacitive-touch buttons, or the available Bluetooth app for Apple and Android devices. Each needle hub is black nickel-plated spun-aluminum to match the buttons.

dakota digital hdx system hdx app

Furthermore, all HDX instrument systems feature dead-faced indicators (turn signals, high beam, check engine, cruise control, parking brake, plus two user-definable), and a red, settable warning light for each gauge. In addition, their central control box makes wiring it up easy and it mates perfectly with vehicle-harness sourced signals and supplied, solid state sending units connecting cleanly to their respective terminal.

dakota digital hdx system volt water fuel oil gauges

dakota digital hdx system speedometer

Now, in many of our product reviews, we include a step-by-step installation guide, but this time around there was really no use. Installation for these remarkable units, are really as easy as remove and replace.