Classic Instruments can provide the finishing touch to your classic or custom creation by incorporating superior quality, exceptional styling, and constant innovation to your instrument panel. Besides their extraordinary value, Classic Instruments offers premier gauges because they set out to build them better or they won’t build them at all!

Each and every one of their gauges is designed, assembled, and calibrated with pride and quality. Classic Instruments offer various types of unique gauges to fit the style you are looking for. You can choose from direct-fit, universal, individual gauges, or you can also upgrade, retrofit, and even have a gauge custom built for your own specifications.

To prove a point about their superior quality and innovation, we took a resto-mod ’59 Impala and had the original gauges replaced with Classic Instruments’ ’59-’60 Chevy Impala and El Camino “Direct Fit” package! This specific package includes the speedometer, fuel (0-30 ohms), volts, oil, and temperature gauges. All the necessary hardware, including the brackets, wiring, sending unit, and the polished aluminum adapter ring for this ’59 are included too.



Classic Instruments also offers you many types of pointer options as well as matte black, stainless, and gold bezel finishes. You can have your choice of curved or flat glass and include LED halo, turn signal, and high-beam upgrades too. Follow along with us and get a good reading on how simply you can install and apply the “finishing touch” to the instrument panel of your dashboard and make your gauges look exclusive as well.



1. After removing the OEM gauges from each of the dual chrome ’59 Impala bezels, we began by mounting the new Classic Instrument gauges. As you can see they fit directly in place.



2. The left side chrome bezel includes the fuel and oil gauges with mounting brackets and screws, while the right bezel contains the temperature and voltage gauges.



3. From here the center round bezel comes with a polished aluminum ring with a mounting bracket that is attached before the speedometer gauge is mounted on.



4. The Classic Instruments gauge is mounted onto the original chrome center pod with a “U” shaped mounting bracket.


5. Jesse begins with the easy step-by-step wiring connections provided in the attached installation manual.


6. The center speedometer gauge is wired and ready to connect to the speed signal interface terminal.


7. The dual oil, fuel, temp, and voltage gauges are also ready to connect to the model SNZ4Z terminal.


8. Classic Instruments SN74Z terminal is the perfect complement to your Classic Instruments speedometer or tachometer. It has the ability to function as either a speedometer or tachometer interface and it works with many standard aftermarket gauges.


9. Here we have Classic Instruments “Direct Fit” ’59 Impala gauge assembly mounted to the ’59’s original chrome bezels ready to be reinstalled onto the Impala’s dash panel.


10. Jesse installs the Classic bezels onto the Impala’s dash area so that from there he can continue to wire the ground and 12VDC power to the terminal.


Here we are designed, calibrated, and assembled in place for that exclusive classic gauge look.


12. Handcrafted in America since 1977 with the simple goal of perfection. If you want that exclusive and premier look as the finishing toucfh on your special ride then gauge your attention over to or please call them and let them know Lowrider sent you! (800) 575-0461.

Axalta Paint Tip of the Month


“Pinstripers” Tip
By Axalta Coatings Systems

The fine lines of pinstriping not only connect an intricate or subtle patterned custom paintjob, but also complement and coordinate the colors too. Today, lowrider-styled paintjobs require all kinds of pinstriping art skills and it seems that almost every lowrider has a line or two accenting a body style. So, this month’s paint tip pertains to all of you famous and not-yet-famous pinstripers. We all know that talent, practice, and imagination make for a good striper, but a real good striper will tell you that the product you work with and the consistency of it is the “icing on a cake.” Well, Axalta Paint Products has something new for you to get your paint brushing hands on!


Introducing Axalta’s new Hot Hues, Hot Pinstripe Efx brand that is specifically mixed from Axalta Paint product components. This new brand comes in half pints, and with the quality of high-performance driving colors that provide exceptional coverage. The Hot Pinstripe Efx paint is both gloss and clearcoat compatible, it also has a trouble-free application with excellent brush ability that will deliver superior results in solid and metallic colors. You are able to mix solid colors with metallic colors that will allow you to create your own custom colors. Hot Pinstripe Efx has a two- to three-hour pot life depending on temperature once it has been activated with 15309S activator only. You can activate what you intend to use for the project you are working on, let it flash for 15 to 20 minutes, and depending on temperature, you can then apply Axalta clearcoat for the final finish. For more technical advice please feel free to contact product specialist Steven Chaparro at