For almost 40 years Custom Autosound has been the originator of classic vehicle audio that allows you to keep the integrity of your ride intact while you enjoy quality sounds like a new car. Designed and engineered specifically for classic automobiles, their audio units pack in 300 watts of power and they also include auxiliary inputs for iPods, MP3 players, and satellite radio. Along with the staff at Custom Autosounds, we chose a 1964 Impala as an example to install one of their many Custom Autosound kits that are modified exclusively for all year, make, and model of vehicle applications.

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“The System” with satellite speakers that look like A/C vents can be mounted under the dash, on the kickpanels, or even the back package tray. The woofer is optimally mounted under the seat, but can be mounted in the trunk if space requires it. Want more? You can install two of “The System” in your vehicle for the ultimate sound experience.

Two Choices! Amplified (The System 1) or Passive (The System 3).

System 1 – Amplified
Flat active aluminum subwoofer enclosure with 8-inch woofer plus two-channel amplifier. Two 3-inch mid-tweeter satellite speakers in die-cast metal housings. RCA or speaker level input (two channel). Built in adjustments include separate gain control for two-channel amp and subwoofer, high-pass filter for satellites, subsonic filter bass boost, and low-pass filter for the subwoofer. Has auto power on if using speaker level inputs. Amplifier installation kit included. Amplifier power: 150-watt subwoofer, 2×50-watt mid / tweeter.

1. This complete Custom Autosound kit for the ’64 Impala includes an AM/FM tuner, a “System 1” Amplified Subwoofer enclosure, 6×9 speakers, a cable, and wiring kit.

2. We started off with a pair of 200-watt chrome basket speakers. These 6x9s come with a flat-black cover screen that can be painted to match your car’s interior too.

3. We cut the oval holes in the ’64’s rear metal package tray to fit the pair of rear speakers so they could be mounted in place.

4. Also included in this Custom Autosound kit is the “System 1” subwoofer unit that has a low end base, with a two-channel amplifier. Also included are two satellite-style mid tweeter speakers for easy corner mounting just about anywhere.

5. Since the ’64 is known for ample room in its trunk we decided to mount the “System 1” Amplifier in the trunk. The “System 1’s” enclosure dimensions will allow you to mount this unit under the seat if room is needed.

6. For the front speaker application, Custom Autosound offers different shapes and sizes of speakers to fit your OEM fancy. They also offer various kick panel styles with their speakers included and mounted.

7. Custom Autosound achieves an original and perfect fit look for any classic ride dash and interior package look. This AM/FM tuner comes complete with a built-in iPod DOC and control, optional Bluetooth interface for hands-free calling, and music streaming from your phone if wanted.

8. Hardly any assembly was required for this classic OEM radio placement. As shown here, the radio fits in its original place right on this Impala’s dash! The only difference is that it will have that new Impala sound!

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