Remote Window Roll Down – Cosmetics 101

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Shaved door handles can be a great addition to a car when it comes to looks, but in terms of function, they can be a nightmare. It is common for most enthusiasts to install a pop door kit for their car in the event of accessing the door, but that doesn’t always work properly. Certain types of door locks still won’t allow the doors to open, even using a pop kit. If you have ever owned a car with shaved handles, chances are that you’ll know exactly what I’m talking about.

In this issue, I will walk you through the solution I found for my own car which allows me to roll the windows down to be able to access the car. In the future, I will also be adding pop doors, and my new Dakota Digital control system is perfect for my needs.

The CMD-10K series remote controller offers 10-function operation. The set up controls the driver’s side and passenger’s side windows so that they may be able to be raised or lowered, and also remotely opens both doors. The CMD-10K also raises and lowers the trunk/rear hatch and it can even raise the auxiliary motor or release the auxiliary latch.

Take a look at the Dakota Digital website and you will see that they do more than supply digital gauges. Let us show you how Mario prepares us for our shaved door handles and Dakota kit on our project Caprice.

21,22,23. With the push of a button, this power window rolls down.

24,25,26. Pushing the same button once the window is down will raise the glass. Remember that your electrical draw of your windows will determine how many windows can operate at one time. In our case it is one window at a time.