In this month’s tech, we visited Original Parts Group out in Seal Beach, Ca and we picked up some heated seat pads from their latest addition to the company group; the 54-76 Cadillac brand. This was ideal for our build, since we decided to install a Cadillac strato-bench seat in our Caprice. We were aiming to give the car a bucket seat look without losing the style and elegance that a bench seat provides. In addition, we decided to add a modern accesory to the seat, by giving it a set of OPG electric heat pads, which will warm your body up when your driving in chilly weather.

These seat heaters use the latest in flexible heating technology and the highest quality components to provide an increased level of comfort to your vehicle. The exclusive design features a blended polymer element which is self-regulating and does not require a thermostat, eliminating the possibility of overheating. Heater sets include pads for both the back and bottom of the seat, illuminated “Hi-Lo-Off” switch, complete harness, hardware and complete instructions for a hassle-free installation under your upholstery. Heaters are sold as a set for one seat, so in our case, for a bench seat we had to order two kits. Now follow along, as we install these warming pads into our Cadillac bench seat.

1. This kit comes complete and ready to heat you up.

2. After reading the wiring diagram we were ready to tackle the install.

3. The electric pad will need to be placed in the center of the seat.

4. The seat covers that were installed and allowed to stretch in the heat need to be pealed back to make it easier to set the electric pad in place.

5. The pad only goes in one way; make sure that the cables are going towards the rear of the seat, so they can be run through to the bottom.

6. Once the pad is in place, the seat cover is hog ringed back onto the frame.

7. The back of the seat was next, and the first thing to do on this seat was to center it.

8. The seat cover on the backrest attached easily.

9. The wiring harness was on the bottom and ready to be routed under the seat where the power would be connected to it.

10. The top and bottom harness plugs from the pads connect right into each other.

11. Once the harnesses are connected, they will only need a positive and ground to make them work right.

12. The on and off switch needs to be mounted to a convenient location.

13. This seat was ready to warm us up on those cold mornings or late evening drives!