When we looked at this ‘61 Impala convertible, on display at the Super Show in Vegas, the first thing we took notice about were the 12 Kinetik HC series power cells that operate the hydraulic suspension system. With so much voltage incorporated for the hydraulics you knew that the battery of choice would be crucial for this immaculate Impala’s setup.

This is where Kinetik takes Charge! Kinetik HC Power Cells are the most powerful, reliable and compact power cells on the market today. Kinetik HC power cells are perfect for the daily driver ground pounder or even the over the top show vehicle. Kinetik is great for the low and slow lowrider stance or even the most impressive competition hydraulic set ups. The hydraulic components installed by no other than Homies Hydraulics, consist of two one-inch ported Stillman pumps, three Adel dumps, eight-inch cylinders up front and ten-inch in the back with 3/4 ton springs, which goes into action at the tap of four switches. Two of the focal points of this set up are that the 12 Kinetik batteries help the compressor oil reservoir push a mass volume of oil through the one-inch ported cylinders to raise the car even quicker and with ease.

With so many batteries and so many options on how to mount these batteries the Homies crew made the battery and pump brackets removable, this made it easy to access the JL Audio amplifiers that feed the 18 speakers that were installed through out by Gordo of 562 Kustoms. With 12 Kinetik KHC-2400 power cells in the trunk it was only a natural choice for the sound system to also be powered by the blue case high current, high reserve car audio power cell. Get hot on the switches, loud on the audio, and let Kinetik take charge of your Bumps and Dumps trunk!