If you’ve ever hauled a car to a show, then you understand how long the drive can be. A two-hour trip can turn into a six-hour adventure, and without any mobile entertainment, these trips can seem to last for a lifetime. Today, we can laugh about the good ‘ol days when you would have to take a cross-country trip with only a few 8-track tapes or casettes to play for the road. Thank goodness that today’s options are phenomenal in comparison to those old school days of limited mobile entertainment. Today we have mp3’s, iPods, and video; they have even brought in gaming systems that can be tied into your vehicle!

Clarion has been a leader in mobile entertainment, as they were the first to integrate iPod technology into their head units. This month, we are adding a Clarion mobile entertainment setup that will keep your trips feeling as short as if you just drove next door. Now follow along, as John Wilson installs a Clarion VX709 2-DIN, 7-inch Touch Panel Control, DVD Multimedia Station. This stereo is one of the innovations available that helps to ensure that our trips feel shorter than what they really are.