The 1957 Chevy Bel Air has become a popular model amongst the lowrider community in recent years. The sexy lines and mixture of chrome and paint make a beautiful showpiece no matter what genre you decide to build these classic cars into. For the lowrider, though, the added challenge of a hydro setup and batteries can play havoc on a show-worthy trunk.

Because while this “tri-five” seems to be large enough to play with the big boys, the reality is that the engine bay and trunk are actually significantly smaller than the cars of the next decade. A setup and a system had a hard time co-existing in the trunk, but a showpiece must be complete so we’re here to help you overcome your claustrophobia.

A trunk should be a combination of function and beauty, much like the vehicle that hosts it. The tight space of this trunk is much like that of a newer import vehicle, but the goal of our build, much like any other, is to configure this trunk so that everything fits without consuming every inch of space.

Sometimes, bridges will be created for the hydraulics, but in this case, we’re fortunate to have a custom-fabricated trailing arm setup and frame support system for the hydraulics. None the less, accommodations will need to be made for the cylinders and lines.

To follow our functionality detail, we’ve decided on hugging close to the walls and floor in order to allow more space for the setup and batteries, and integrate every aspect of the interior with touches from the exterior as well. Some big expectations for such a tiny space, so follow along as we cure your claustrophobia and transform the little empty trunk into the showpiece our future trophy winner deserves.